WSO News Bulletin | September 2020
“Looking to the Future: One Day at a Time”
World Service Business Conference 2021
If there were a slogan contest for 2020, “one day at a time” would surely be a winner. So we’re excited to announce that it’s part of our theme for WSBC 2021! “Looking to the Future: One Day at a Time” expresses our hope for OA and a means to achieve our goals. Together we can!
Preparations for next year’s Conference are already underway, and the First Conference e-Documents are now posted on the WSBC web page:
WSBC 2021 will convene April 21–24, 2021, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.
Delegate Support Fund Applications Due Soon
Intergroups and service boards can apply for delegate support funds for World Service Business Conference 2021. Applications and complete paperwork must first be submitted to delegate’s region board by the region board’s due date. Some due dates are October 1, 2020, and some are earlier, so check with your region board. After regions have processed delegate applications, the applications are then due to World Service Office by November 2, 2020.
It is vital for the strength of OA worldwide that the voices of OA’s entire community be heard at Conference. Decisions affecting OA for years to come are made at WSBC, and input is needed from all service bodies so that these decisions are truly representative of OA as a whole.
Find the Delegate Support Fund application (DOCX file) on the WSBC web page and in the Document Library under category “WSBC: Frequently Used Documents.”
World Service Convention 2021
“Walking in the Sunlight: One Day at a Time”
OA’s World Service Convention is the largest gathering on Earth for people like us: compulsive eaters who have hope for recovery through the Twelve Steps. It is an awesome and inspiring event for newcomers and longtimers alike, so mark your calendar for August 26–28 in Orlando, Florida USA and start saving for your trip.
Convention registration and hotel reservations will open January 2021. In the meantime, you can show your spirit and spread the word with downloadable Convention bookmarks, which have been updated for 2021. Print this version at home or take this version to your professional print shop.
See you in Orlando!
New Look and Better Functionality at
OA’s online bookstore has been revamped with a new look, easier navigation, better management of mailing addresses and other account information, and a smoother checkout process. Check it out on your desktop computer!
See the new look at
Important Dates and Deadlines
Post your local OA events to OA’s social media page by clicking the “Send Message” button on that page. Include all event information and a contact email address that maintains member anonymity. You may also drag-and-drop your event flyer into the message.
Fellowship Day
November 21–22
International Day Experiencing Abstinence: Let’s all join worldwide for IDEA to begin or affirm our commitment to abstinence from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors. Check with your local service body and look for announcements of virtual marathons.
World Service
October 1
Delegate Support Fund applications due to OA regions.
Translation Assistance Fund applications due to World Service Office.
December 10
Postmarked or electronic-time-stamped deadline for proposed New Business Motions and Bylaws Amendments (download the DOCX template).
Apply for Translation Assistance Funds by October 1
Money is available to help translate OA literature, and more literature in your language means more meetings and a growing Fellowship. Help OA grow in your language. Complete the Translation Assistance Fund application and send it to the WSO by October 1. You can download the application and learn more about OA translations from the Translation of OA Literature and Materials page at
Download Our Newcomer Pamphlet in E-book Formats
Give the newcomer their best shot at recovery.
Supporting newcomers is a whole lot easier now that Where Do I Start? Everything a Newcomer Needs to Know is available in multiple e-book formats. Direct newcomers to these links so they can purchase the pamphlet right away: OA receives a royalty share for e-book purchases from these third-party vendors.

Where Do I Start? is also available as a printed pamphlet from the OA bookstore.
Lifeline Sampler is Back in Print!
Available only as an e-book since early 2018, Lifeline Sampler is now available in print again. A classic collection of more than 200 stories selected from Lifeline magazine, this beloved OA book features topics as abstinent living, Steps and Traditions, spiritual insights, relationships in recovery, food and weight, slips and relapse, and more. Find the print edition solely at Amazon. Go to and choose “Paperback” to order. OA receives a royalty share for these purchases.
Shop for Lifeline Sampler
Share Your Story as a Young Person in OA
The OA Young Persons’ Committee is seeking stories of recovery from members ages 18–30, including members who are older but found recovery as a young person in OA. Submit your contact information via this online questionnaire, and a member of the Young Persons’ Committee will contact you about the possibility of sharing your experience, strength, and hope as a podcast. Give service to young people in OA with your story! Is the Best Way to Make Your World Service Contribution
Special workers at the World Service Office process between fifty and one hundred contributions a day, and the WSO has a very efficient system through to process these contributions. But did you know that a five dollar contribution made through an outside payment system can actually cost more than five dollars to process? Help the WSO and strengthen our Seventh Tradition by making your first choice for making contributions to OA world service.
If you are an OA member outside of the USA who cannot use, please contact the World Service Office for assistance.
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